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Superior Chemicals at a competitive price

All Chemical specialize in a wide variety of industrial and agricultural chemical products.

Our proudly Australian manufactured chemicals are used in a variety of industries including, but not limited to; mining, agriculture, purification of water whether it be from river, rain, sea, dam or bore; treatment of waste water from various industries including management of sewage waste, general industrial liquid waste from vineyards, dairy and cheese manufacture; and treatment of waste water generated from machine and vehicle maintenance and many other industries.

As a market leader in laboratory research and testing, All Chemical continually re-evaluate products for ongoing improvement. Quality standards and superior outcomes are always guaranteed. All Chemical remain committed to cost effectiveness, while ensuring a continuation of our commitment to ecofriendly best practices and products.

At All Chemical we recognize the need for ecologically sustainable production and practices in all industries and our products and services are specifically designed to minimize environmental impact. Our business covers all areas of chemical production from research and development through to production, distribution and sale to customers Australia and Worldwide.

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Industrial and allied products

At All Chemical, our team of specialists are experts in chemical components and allied processes.

These processes, include chemical processes, water and wastewater treatment and are tailored to suit specific end user needs such as agriculture, chemical industries, mining industries, construction industries, hospitals, dairy farms, cattle farms, vineyards, public gardens and most importantly domestic uses in urban and rural Australia and worldwide.

For any industry requiring our professional services, we are here to provide products and advice that will ensure a smooth and cost effective outcome, while using the best eco-friendly practices available.

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All Chemical are able to supply all your chemical needs in liquid, gel, flakes, granules, powder, aerosol and tablet forms.

We take pride in supplying superior products guaranteed to comply with national and international regulations and standards. At All Chemical we take our responsibility towards safety very seriously and direct significant resources towards a high level of training to ensure our products are handled and stored correctly to minimize potential hazards.

We also provide advice and information on the procedures to be used for hazardous waste transport, environmentally safe disposal, and management and correct procedures on handling dangerous substances to prevent spillages.

Water Purification

Water purification systems and products are an important part of the services available from All Chemical. Please contact our friendly staff at All Chemical for all your water purification needs.

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